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Imam Nurur Rahman Arabi


Imam Mawlana Nurur Rahman (born in January 30,1979) is an author and the principal and director of Ar-Rahman Academy. He was born in an Aristocratic Muslim family in the village of Telikona,Alahabad-Rahman Monjil under biswanath Thana of Sylhet District Spiritual capital of Bangladesh.He is the second eldest amongst the five brothers and sisters.His father,Mawlana A.T.M Oliur Rahman is the reowned islamic thinker,educationist and founder of many institutions of Western Sylhet. He is the Imam of Masjid al Ummah and he is the secretary of Shariah council Bedfordshire midland uk and chairman of the Nikahnama Certificate.

Early Life:

Imam Mawlana Nurur Rahman was born on January 30th 1979,Telikona,Syhlet.His father,A.T.M Oliur Rahman,was a reowned islamic thinker,educationist and founder of many institued and his mother,Rabeya akhter was also a teacher.He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters altogether there are 5 of them.All of them are alims and alimahs. Imam Mawlana Nurur Rahman recieved his primary education on the Holy Quran at home.Later,he studied in madrasa Elahabad which was founded by his father,from class 1 to Dhakil (SSC) up to 1993.He passed his Alim exams in 1996 from traditional Satpur Kamil Madrasa Estesc by his maternal grandfather,Fazil in 1997 and Kamil (title in 1999) from Syhlet Government Alia Madrasha and B.A (in 2000) from M.C University college in syhlet.From 1999 till 2001 He taught in his fathers Alahabad Alim Madrasha.He then went to London to establish himself on more knowledge and preach people about Islam.In 2002,he came to England and lived in Rochdale and then carried on with his learning of english language Hopwood Hall college. He then went to luton in 2003 till 2006 and then studied at Barnfield college and then worked in a factory full time. In 2004 he got married in Bangladesh and then came back to the UK and moved to Nottingham and have been doing private tuiton for the past 12 years.He has done many community work and has very good experience with kids and teaching about their faith etc. In 2017, he then moved back to Luton. He now has 7 kids


Imam Mawlana Nurur Rahman has published many books for his students to learn and to understand the deen for example, Rahmania Qawa'id, Rahmania knowledge, Rahmania Dua, Rahmania Tajweed, Rahmania Salah, rahmania Hadeeth, Rahmania story, Rahmania Ilmul Islam, Rahmania Ampara and many more

Ar Rahman Education Trus:

*To attain Allah's pleasure through Education, Development, poverty alleviation and the service of helpless and distressed human beings

*For Humanities sake we are always beside you

Ar-Rahman Education Trust is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a clear mission. GET UK aims to assist and provide an excellent education for the poor and needy peoples, to achieve their full potential. Initially founded as Ar-Rahman Education Trust, started with a limited number of resources and manpower, the charity’s mission is to eradicate illiteracy and ignorance in rural areas by educating students and training teachers.Ar-Rahman Education Trust not only aims to improve living conditions for the needy but also educate the ummah to achieve their full potential.Ar-Rahman Academy specialises in teaching students and adults of all ages. We have a structured syllabus spread out between sets of books created specifically to target different areas of learning. We have a vast set of courses available taught by qualified teachers that meets the required standards of education


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